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Where do you find balance in your life? Does your soul long for the turquoise oceans? Does the forest fill you with calm and inspiration? Do the strength and majesty of the mountains call out to you?

The beauty and magnificence of this planet can leave you breathless! But one thing's for sure, nature has a way of bringing your life back to balance, no matter what that inbalance may be.

Has your experience in life taught you to truly celebrate the extraordinary, to live your life YOUR way, make the most of everyday, and to see beauty in everything?

I can totally relate! I'm Gemma, designer and owner at Gemma Tremayne Jewellery, and they are the reasons that I started up my business.

Originally from Wales I always have been incredibly ambitious (probably too ambitious for my own good!), always believing that you can make amazing things happen when you put your mind to it. But I never did fit in, I didn't feel like I fit in with my family and I was bullied at school, spending most of my time drawing and painting as escapism, really connecting emotionally with my creativity. I had incredibly low self-esteem, and spent most of the first 22 years of my life, desperately trying to fit in, but I just couldn't. I always knew I wanted to work in the creative arts and so, aged nineteen I moved 200 miles away from the place I grew up, to go to University and then pursue my career as a Scale Model Maker.

Everybody in my life told me how 'successful' I was in doing this, and how much I had grown as a person..My personal journey had given me so much more confidence! I landed work in props on feature films, and for huge architectural companies, working long hours into the night, with long commutes, and even moving house several times in 3 years (living in shared homes with people I didn't know), to be closer to work and pursue my dream career. I'd worked for Apple, Foster and Partners, on Ron Howard films, for Richard Branson, and on projects which are now all over the world.

But...Six years later I found myself, ill, clinically depressed, and not at all happy in my 'Dream Career'. I couldn't understand it. It was what I'd dreamed of, what I always wanted! My family and friends were telling me how successful I was, and how happy I should be. From the outside, it was a very successful career, and it was indeed a huge step up from where I had come from, but was it what I truly wanted in my heart?

Well, in 2016 I finally decided enough was enough. I was ill with chronic health problems that had surfaced entirely from stress, and more to the point, I was deeply depressed. Working long hours stifled my own creativity, and left me with no free time.

So, I made the bold move to leave my job in London, and to move 100 miles away to Suffolk, to be with Matt (My then boyfriend, now husband...but forever soulmate!), to focus on my health, and to start working on the creative business that I have always wanted! This move, might be one of the best things I've ever done in my life! Leaving my career behind me, I took a job that put my health and lifestyle first, and began to explore my own creativity.

And, so Gemma Tremayne Jewellery was born! After six years in an industry that felt like it wasn't the right fit for me, I looked back at the incredible journey I had come on, and started to realise the things I really valued in my life; love, passion, creativity, dreams, and beauty of the amazing world we live in. It's amazing how you notice that there really is beauty in everything around us, once you slow down enough to see it.

I had always had a love of jewellery, but one day, being really curious as to the processes, I decided to teach myself silversmithing. The rest is history! I got totally addicted, and set out to build a business that would help women just like you, to find balance in their life, and to celebrate how beautiful our planet is.

We live on a magnificent planet, with SO much to celebrate, but we also live in a modern world of busyness, mental health problems, stress and the horrific destruction of our beautiful planet. Sometimes, we need a reminder of the extraordinary things in life...And there are many.

Gemma Tremayne Jewellery sets out to do just that! I create astoundingly unique designs encouraging you to connect with nature and loved one, to be comfortable in your own skin, and to fully experience your own peace, strength and balance. My work is deeply organic, inspired by the incredible and ever-changing natural world that we live in, encouraging you to feel grounded in moments of chaos but also as an everyday reminder of the wonder, beauty and magic of life.

This world is truly extraordinary. Why should your jewellery be any different?

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