5 Amazing Facts About Moonstones

August 23, 2019

5 Amazing Facts About Moonstones

Blue moonstone, close up

There's something so mystical and beautiful about a Moonstone, that us humans just can't help but be drawn to them.

Moonstones are a member of the Feldspar group of minerals (from the German feld  meaning field, and spalten, to split), a group of minerals which make up just over 40% of the earth's continental crust by weight. 

They are amongst the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones in the world, but there's still a lot to know about them...

Let's take a look at 5 amazing Moonstone Facts: 


1. The Romans believed that Moonstone was made from Moonlight

The Moonstone has a long history and folklore, but many people do not know that Moonstones have been used as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome, and perhaps even further in the Orient. The Greeks and Romans associated the stone with their Lunar Deity, Selene in Greek culture, and Luna for Romans. They believed that the Goddess could be seen within the stone, and that the stone was made from solidified beams of moonlight. Moonstone was a popular choice for jewellery even in ancient times, because they associated moonstone with wisdom and love, and believed that the stone would help the wearer think more clearly. 


2) Coloured Moonstones can only be found in one Country 

Moonstones can be found in a variety of global locations and are most commonly found in Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and India. However, coloured Moonstones are actually only found in India! The other sources only provide the classic White Moonstone, and the popular Blue Moonstones are found in  Bihar, central india. 


3) Moonstones are often known as being a healing stone for women

Moonstone comes with an extensive array of Folklore, but perhaps the most common is the belief that the stone is a healing stone for women. The stone is often associated with fertility, and in ancient times women who desired children would adorn their clothes with Moonstones to improve their chances of conceiving. It's not only associated with fertility though, the stone is thought to improve all aspects of womens wellbeing, from easing menstrual problems to helping childbirth, to calming hormones and boosting mental health. 


4) Moonstone is sometimes referred to as "The Traveller's Stone"

Moonstones have long been thought to bring good luck and protection to travellers who are travelling at night, in moonlight, or across the seas. In ancient times, mariners used to wear moonstones as amulets, to help protect them from the sea and to ensure that they returned home safely. Even in modern times, some people believe in travelling with a Moonstone, to help protect them from night time dangers whilst abroad. 


5) In modern times, Moonstone is heavily associated with the Art Nouveau Movement  

Art Nouveau is one of the western world's most famous art movements, occuring from 1890 to 1910 across Europe and America. The movement focussed on characteristic long, flowing, sinuous lines, and drew it's inspiration from natural and organic forms. Art Nouveau was mostly applied to glass design (See Louis Comfort Tiffany as an amazing example!), architecture, interior design, illustration and Jewellery. One of the most prominent jewellers at this time was master Goldsmith Rene Lalique, who incorporated a large number of Moonstones into his work at this time, and set a trend for other jewellers to follow suit, increasing the stones value and popularity. Much of Lalique's work was later transferred to museums. 

So there you have it! 5 Amaxing facts about Moonstones! I adore working with moonstones, there is something so magical about them and it's incredible to know that such a mystical object is entirely natural. I am hoping to use more and more moonstones in my work in the future, but in the meantime you can check out my best-selling statement Blue Moonstone Sea Vine Ring, here




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