August 13, 2019


We can't all be fashionistas, right? This is a subject pretty close to my heart. Anyone who knows me will know that I am definitely not a follower of fashion, or indeed any trend. I don't have the latest iphone, or the latest fashion collection. I don't update my car to the latest model, and I never feel compelled to buy something that everyone else has. Why? Well, why would I want to be like everyone else? Isn't the point of being alive to stand out from the crowd, to make a difference, and to be totally ourselves? Why would we want to cover up all that raw authentic beauty, by following everyone else like lost sheep? 

When I grew up, I was bullied at school. I was (am!) tall. In fact I was 6 foot tall by the time I was 15 or 16, which is pretty tall for a teenage girl. All I wanted was to fit in, to follow the trends that everyone else with their average height bodies got to follow, and to be left alone. My biggest goal as a teenager was just to fit in. And goodness me, I wish my current 30 something year old Gemma could travel back in time 15 years and tell 16 year old Gemma that fitting in is not all it's cracked up to be. In fact, it's pretty dull!  


One of things I'm often asked about as a jeweller is fashion trends. Do I make what's on trend? 

Well...no. No, I don't... *gasps*

And I don't, simply because I want to make jewellery that speaks to YOU, to your soul. I want to make creative, nature inspired pieces that you can connect to, and that help you connect to yourself and the things you love. That kind of authenticity feels so much better to me than making the latest spinner rings (or insert other jewellery fad here) because everybody's got them.... 


Let's cut to the point....Here are the reasons why I think it is oh so important to never follow fashion trends (and I'm talking all walks of fashion here, hair, make-up, jewellery...everything!):


Models on the Catwalk dressed in navy blue
1) They are just that....A trend! They don't last. They are very shortlived. You've rushed out the the shops, to buy that beautiful beige coat, inspired by the one Beyonce was spotted in recently, because you've finally saved up the cash (or perhaps just splurged on the spur of the moment). You wear your new beige coat with pride, until a few weeks later your friends (and every fashion magazine going) tell you that beige is SO last season....It's all about the Neon now! Thanks Kardashian family. That's great, really great. 

I don't think fashion trends can ever be caught up with can they? I mean, if you're a dedicated follower of fashion (thats going to be stuck in my head all day now!) then surely you're constantly trying to keep up with the latest trend and never really managing. 


2) Fashion Trends will consume all of your money. I mean, I don't really need to explain this one. You restock your entire wardrobe every season, that's gonna cost you a lot of money. Surely it's much better to buy something that you actually love, and keep it for years (or forever, in the case of jewellery), than go out and buy something just because you want everyone else to know you're keeping up to date with trends?! 


3) Just because you saw it in Vogue, doesn't mean it's going to suit your body!  Take it from me, (I have what are possibly the widest hips known to man) just because it's in fashion, doesn't mean it's going to suit you. Some styles may look amazing on you, other's aren't going to, that's just the reality of fashion and personal styling. What is even the point of spending money following fashion, only to end up wearing something that is totally unflattering. Shouldn't we all be buying the things that we love and that feel like a tiny piece of us? Surely that's what personal style is all about? 


4) Fashion Trends are not always practical. We've all seen the catwalk images, we all know about this. We've all looked at a model on the runway and said "What on earth is she wearing?".  Of course in an arty way and as a designer myself, I totally get it. But in terms of following that trend...Well, I need something I can wear to work, or out for the day, or out for the evening, or to the supermarket. There are some fashion trends that I wouldn't want to wear in my own house! (see below! Definitely missed the boat on this one when I bought my wedding dress last year!)

Latest catwalk fashion


5) It's not good for the environment Anyone who knows me well will know I'm a huge advocate for shopping intentionally. For the good of our planet I really believe we should all be buying less and choosing well. By that, I mean....Why buy 5 pairs of cheap earrings that you sort of like and that will turn your ears green and untimately end up in landfill (adding to our environmental disaster) when you could buy one pair of solid silver earrings that you absolutely love, and which will last a lifetime? If we all just mindlessly follow fashion trends then I worry that what we're doing is making more thoughtless purchases that we're probably going to throw out. 

sterling silver grains of sand ring by Gemma Tremayne Jewellery


6) It is oh so important to be YOU! This is such a big one. If you're wearing the latest trends in fashion or jewellery then you're following others.... But more than anything it's incredibly important to express your own individuality. There is only one you. Only you can do the things that you can do, and fashion (and jewellery) are such a great way of celebrating that! If you wear the same thing as everyone else, and do the same things as everyone else, then you totally lose your sense of individuality. Never has it been more important to be your own true self, to walk your own path, and to truly celebrate your own values and who you are. And if you want to splurge on the occasional fashion accessory that is bang on trend, well that's fine. Just make sure that YOU really love it! 

Coral Reef Ring by Gemma Tremayne Jewellery

Conforming to trends is something that I have had to really think about on my journey in jewellery design. The jewellery fashions change seasonally, and so it's a lot of work to keep up with them. 

When I first started out, I often wondered if I should start making the more on-trend items, in order to appeal to the masses. Luckily, I never went through with this, and I soon realised that following fashion and letting trends dictate my jewellery designs, would have been the worst thing I could ever do! 

My jewellery is all about not conforming, it's about being yourself, and about standing up for your values, whilst celebrating the extraordinary things in life. The people who achieve great things in life, never follow the crowd, they have to forge their own path, as scary as that may seem. So now, whenever a customer asks me if I do 'Spinner Rings' or whatever other jewellery is in fashion at the moment, I tell them politely that I don't and point them in the direction of someone who I know does. Jewellery is all about connection. It should connect you with your true self, with your loved ones, and with the moments in life you cherish. A piece of fashion jewellery can never do that. 


P.S, If you'd like to check out my jewellery, you can find it at www.gemmatremayne.com

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In the meantime, never follow the trends, always stay true to yourself and always celebrate the extraordinary! 



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