MEET THE MAKER: feather & frey

December 16, 2020

MEET THE MAKER: feather & frey

Meet the Maker: feather & frey 

So, welcome to interview number 3 of my Meet the Maker series!

Today I'm sharing my interview with the lovely Kylie of feather & frey.  Anyone who's into their gorgeous boho decor or who hangs out on Instagram, will be familiar with the incredible world of Macrame art!  For those of you who aren't familiar, Macrame art is a wonderful textile art made using knotting techniques rather than weaving or knitting. Macrame is often used to produce the most incredible wall hangings, plant hangers and even jewellery. 
Kylie has kindly agreed to share her gorgeous macrame work with us all today, and I'm super excited to be sharing it with you!

Let's dive straight in, shall we?
Kylie, of feather and frey, maker of beautifl boho macrame pieces

1) Hi Kylie! Thanks so much for being here! So first things first.... Would you like to introduce yourself and your work?


Thank you Gemma for inviting me to take part in your Meet the Maker series – a real honour. I absolutely love your jewellery.

Hi! I’m Kylie, the maker behind ‘feather & frey’. I create natural eco boho macramé piece using sustainable fibres, such as wall hangings, plant hangings, yoga mat straps and more.

boho luxe wall hanging by feather and frey
One of Kylie's beautiful Boho Luxe Wall Hangings, in situ! 

2) So tell us, What did you do before you started 'feather& frey'?

I love travel and after many backpacking trips I saw first-hand both the positive and negative impacts tourism could have on communities and the environment. I did a degree and masters in sustainable tourism and have been working in the tourism industry for the past decade to help bring about sustainable change. I run my creative macramé venture on the side.


3) So this is the all-important question...How did you get into Macrame?

It all started at the end of 2018, when I had friends over for a crafty afternoon and we taught ourselves how to make a plant hanger via youtube. I was hooked, by that evening I had made several more! I had totally fallen for this craft and wanted to learn it quickly. I enrolled in an online course ‘Become a confident macramé artist’ with the lovely Isabella from TwoMe and that was the start of my love for knotting 😊


 4) What made you take the plunge to start selling your work and create 'feather & frey'?


realised there was only so much macramé I could hang in my home! I had encouraging feedback from family and friends and thought maybe other people would like my creations. I never do things in halves, so just over a year ago I set my sights on creating a social media account, opening an etsy shop and booking in many markets! It has been such a fun learning journey.

 Boho Luxe Collection of wall planters and plant hangings
Boho Luxe Collection of wall planters and plant hangings

5) What inspires you and your worK? 


I draw inspiration from many places including being out in nature, on holidays, interiors and fashion. I love neutral tones, natural fibres and texture. I have two collections so far. ‘Boho luxe’ brings a bit of shimmer to my neutrals. It has been popular with 15 pieces in the collection so far using a mix of warm creams, gold thread, layers, tassels and fringe (wall hangings, plan hangers, wall planters, baskets, wreaths and necklaces). I’ve just started working on the second, ‘Boho raw’ using a combination of recycled cotton and jute. 

6) Can you tell us a little bit about your design process? How do you get from idea to reality? And do you make custom items as well as items to stock your online shop?


My mind is constantly thinking about new designs. I have sketches in notebooks all over the house! I normally start with a rough sketch and then either do a smaller scale version or just jump straight in. The beauty of macramé is you can undo it if you are not happy with the direction. The design normally changes once I’m in my creative flow. Yes I do custom pieces too. I love working with customers to come up with bespoke pieces for their homes. 

Christmas Collection: Set of angels made with cream recycled cotton 
Christmas Collection: Set of angels made with cream recycled cotton

7) As we know, you're super concerned about the environment (like so many of us!. What do you do to be more eco friendly in your work?

It is so important that we look after our planet. I’m always trying to make changes to the way I live to become more sustainable. I focus on using sustainable fibres for my feather & frey creations. I source recycled cotton from the UK and Europe, where secondhand clothing and waste from manufacturing is given a new life. The cords are super soft and come in a beautiful range of colours too. I also love using organic cotton from a UK supplier where the waste from manufacturing is turned into string. Jute also features in my Boho raw collection, this fibre is very sustainable, it is fast growing and needs little intervention (i.e. irrigation or pesticides). I love packaging my pieces in recycled tissue paper, recycled brown paper, using string or paper tape and recycle a box I already have. Another passion of mine is upcycling!


8) What do you love most about being a macrame artist?

I love the endless possibilities…for example starting with just a piece of wood and cotton cord you can create so many beautiful things with your hands. I feel totally honoured when my pieces find their forever home. I also love the macramé maker/creative/small business community, everyone is so friendly and supportive and it makes you feel like you are part of something bigger.
 feather and frey market stall in Tunbridge Wells
feather and frey market stall in Tunbridge Wells 

9) What's your favourite thing about being creative? 

I find it a great way to unwind, it also keeps me grounded and gives me purpose. When I started macramé I was trying to get to the bottom of some health issues and I started yoga, acupuncture and macramé and it all really helped me.

10) What's one thing you can't live without?


My little daughter…she is such a character, has a real sense of adventure and loves getting creative too. I absolutely adore being a mum and watching her grow. 


11) What advice do you have for any other creatives wanting to start their own business/take up a creative hobby?


Absolutely go for it! It can be a little overwhelming where to start but set some small goals and follow your instincts. Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice. It is really true what they say, what you put in you get out. 


12) Finally (and super importantly!) Where can we go to check out your beautiful work?

My website/Etsy is:


You can find me on Instagram at:


And I'm on Facebook at:




It's been so fascinating to hear about Kylies journey into macrame, and her passion for all things eco!

Kylies work really is a beautiful addition to your home, I find it so calming and peaceful to look at, and I absolutely love her designs! Please do check out her Etsy shop and follow her on Social Media, to keep up to date with what she's up to, and to get your hands on her latest designs!  

In the meantime, have a fantastic rest of the day, and stay tuned for yet another amazing Meet the Maker Interview in 2 weeks time! Eeeeek!

 Kylie holding a large Grecian Goddess Wall Hanging

Kylie holding a large Grecian Goddess Wall Hanging 



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