My New Collection is Here!

October 02, 2019

My New Collection is Here!

It's been a chaotic few weeks here at Gemma Tremayne Jewellery, I've got a few exciting custom jobs on the go, which I'm excited to share with you soon. But, I've also been launching my new collection! 

My new Pebbles on the Beach collection, is inspired by walks along the beach at Dunwich, on the suffolk coast, admiring the pebbley shoreline and the beauty of each individual pebble that makes up the whole beach. 

The collection has a really raw, organic and rustic aesthetic, designed to remind you of time spent at the coast with loved ones. 


Pebbles on the Beach Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver with Oxidised Finish

This collection is actually really special to me personally. Back when I was first starting out with jewellery making, the first necklace I made was a sterling silver disc, with a domed shape to it, which I filled with tiny silver pebbles. I actually sold that piece, but the design evolved and went on to become the Pebbles on the Beach necklace! I've made a few necklaces and pairs of earrings of a similar design since then, and they have been so overwhelmingly popular (thanks everyone!) That I thought it was about time that the Pebbles on the Beach got their own collection. So here it is! 

The collection features rings, stud earrings, drop earrings, necklaces and bangles, and I've added a few 9 and 18ct yellow gold accents to the pieces which I absolutely love :-) 
Pebbles on the Beach Necklace with 18ct gold accents and oxidised finish
You can check out the new collection at:

AND I'm offering 20% off the entire collection with the code PEBBLES19, just add the code at checkout. 

I'm really excited to share some custom pieces with you next week! Eeeek! 

Have an amazing week! 

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silver and gold sea inspired pendant, handmade by Gemma Tremayne Jewellery

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